Bethune College Library is as old as the college itself. The College was founded in 1879. The library was situated in the Hall of Bethune Collegiate School initially, but then the library shifted its venue a number of times.

In 1940 Bethune College was shifted to the Christ Church Building now named ‘Vidyasagar Bhavan’ and the library was located in the first floor of the building. In course of time the necessity of a separate building was strongly felt due to the increase of students, addition of Honours subjects and library grants.

In 1983 the library was divided into two separate units- Science and Arts. The Science Library is housed on the 1st floor of the College Office Building and the Arts Library on the 2nd floor of the Centenary Building, now named ‘Kadambini Bhavan.’ With the opening of the post graduate course in three science departments and an increasing collection of texts the Science Library had to be shifted to the ground floor of Auditorium. Current books and journals which are frequently issued are housed in the New Science Library. Rest of the books and journals are kept in the 1st floor of Administrative Building.

Both the Science and the Arts Libraries are regularly updated with books and journals to meet the requirement of the students and faculty.

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